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{ 13terStock }

Florian Thalhofer
Kolja Mensing

31days inside a high-rise

2005, (Korsakow-film,
web-doc, book)

for Arbeitnehmerkammer, Bremen

German with English subtitles



../../PAGES/13terStock - 31 days in a high-rise


[Korsakow documentary, approx. 60 minutes]

"Aren't you scared?"


– that was one of the first questions Florian Thalhofer and Kolja Mensing were asked by a local journalist after they moved into Grohner Düne, a social housing complex at the edge of the city of Bremen. Grohner Dühne has a bad reputation. Gang-crime, drugs, alcohol. Both authors were supposed to live there for one month, in an apartment on the 13th floor. They blogged about their experiences from the 13th floor and made interviews with some of their 1600 neighbors. It did not take long until Frau Witt baked Pizza for them and they were explained how the rules of a classic street-fight work, over a beer at "Skyline" the local bar. Rapper Adelstyle composed a song for them, you can listen to it here.


The Korsakow-film "13terStock/13thFloor" was later published on DVD by Berlin based publishing house Verbrecher Verlag. With a bit of luck you still might still be able to find a copy on Ebay. You can also watch this Korsakow-Film online, of course.


13thFloor/13terStock is the first collaborative project of Thalhofer and Mensing. Two years later they went to Bremen again, this time they spent 1 month in a shopping mall.



{German with English subtitles, translation by Sophie Zeitz}

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